How Rory was influenced in his formative years

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How Rory was influenced in his formative years

Postby staveleech » 29 Dec 2015, 12:47

Hi Guys n' Gals
I am new here(today) and I am full time music student and Rory fan, I am researching (based on Rory interviews and what he said about what influenced him) how American blues player's music got to the UK, whether by pirate radio, servicemen's record collection, the showbands repetoire etc etc. I know Rory listened to pirate radio as we all did, (yes, check my birthday I'm old! lol) and I am putting together a short survey for interested fans to fill in so I can collate the information for my research. My assignment is 'How American Blues Influenced the Emergence of British Rock' and I will be mentioning Rory(of course) his influences (Leadbelly, Muddy Waters etc.) but also his contemporaries and the bluesmen who influenced them and how eventually they all became the world superpower of BRITISH ROCK! If anyone on here would like to take part in my short survey, it will include a question on how you experienced the era and the transformation of music in Gt.Britain during the 1960's and 1970's (of course you will need to be of an age to remember it like me :o ) and also which artist/artists had the most impact on your musical taste(no pun intended.) If you would like to take part please send me a private message and when the survey is ready I will send you one to fill in, NO PRIVATE INFORMATION WILL BE ASKED FOR!
Thanks in advance :D
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Re: How Rory was influenced in his formative years

Postby Jay Jay » 29 Dec 2015, 21:05

Hi Stave and a very warm welcome to Rory's family forum.

Rock On for Rory
Slainte, Jay Jay

PS. British & Irish Rock movement ;)
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Re: How Rory was influenced in his formative years

Postby RobertaSparrow » 30 Dec 2015, 01:06

Hi There and welcome to Rory's forum.

I'm an old American from Los Angeles, so cannot give you a British or Irish perspective. There are some very good interviews by Rory himself on that very topic, and you can find them on the main site or on John's link-

Sounds like an interesting topic. :)
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