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A Bit of Rory to Brighten a Dull Winter Night

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2015, 06:26
by RobertaSparrow
It was a long dreary work day for me, then I saw on a Facebook page, someone had posted this clip of Rory in Belfast in 1984. This clip always makes me smile, I was so glad to come upon it today:

I especially enjoy seeing the love that his fans showered on him, especially the woman at the beginning who manages to cross the stage and throw her arms around him and kiss him. Seeing him, so vibrant and happy, just made my day. And so I pay it forward. Thank you Rory, for all the music, and for chasing away the blues as only you could. :D

Re: A Bit of Rory to Brighten a Dull Winter Night

PostPosted: 08 Dec 2015, 11:43
by Jay Jay
Yes I remember back in 1988 watching this RORY @ Midnight on VHS with my brother in law Dave. After we came back from seeing Rory live in my hometown at The Civic Hall Wolverhampton. Rory does enjoy his gigs back in Belfast where it all began to get very successful with Taste :)
This UTV 1984 performance at The Ulster Hall was the last time I saw Rory so happy and well..
Plus in such great physical shape too, jumping all over the stage :)

Rock On for Rory
Slainte, Jay Jay

Re: A Bit of Rory to Brighten a Dull Winter Night

PostPosted: 12 Dec 2015, 23:38
by SUBY1974
Its is a nice clip of Rory and shows how much his fans love him. His music and him cheers me up everyday. Each day I have to endure the misery of London train travel to work as other commuters. Because I love London so much, I guess I endure her negative and positive vibes. I won't cut my umbilical cord to her. This is city is my birthplace and I am a Brit Asian. Anyway one Monday, I had to face the packed trains and I just felt utterly miserable. I sometimes sob quietly to myself during the rush hour because of the stress. I had my earphones in and my mobile was one. Suddenly Shinkicker started playing and I don't know how that happened! But it helped me beat the Monday blues. Then another time I was packed in the carriage and could not breathe. I was desperately trying to find the meditation app I had downloaded, when I saw Rory Taste song Oxygen. So I played that instead and felt better. In the past I use to get very bad panic attacks but meditation and deep breathing helps. In fact that song helped me all day and I love acoustic guitar. Throughout the day his music helps me in hundreds of ways. Rory lived in London so he knew what London tube, train and bus travel was like. Thankyou Rory for making my days bearable. That's why I adore you. Driving in London is even worse IMO. I tried that during rush hour, I was stuck for ages. Utter choas with a capital K. Maybe that was one of the reasons Rory never drove in London...