Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby bronyr » 03 Nov 2015, 05:26

I noticed this last week, as well. It's really not smart on the part of Eagle Rock. Think of how many young people (and potential new fans and buyers) look at clips on YT prior to any purchases. I hope this doesn't continue for long. So bummed.
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby SUBY1974 » 04 Nov 2015, 20:44

We are truly beginning to see what Rory was up against when it comes to the greedy music industry. I loathe corporates.
Because of them I was denied Rory's music for such a long time. Rory worked so hard with his band. He needs to be recognised for that.My God the travelling he did! We only did the Rory Gallagher Pilgrimage in 2013 and I was exhausted. We only went for one week and Rory did that week after week and month after month. He worked hard and he played for his fans because he cared for us. He loved his fans.
I would love to use every swear word in the English Dictionary when it comes to the music corporates. Now folk wonder why I hate the modern world?
It is insanity, when one now has social media threads feeds and free online advertising to block Rory's music to people who would genuinely love to know Rory and enjoy his music. It would get people to buy his CDs etc.
Anyway I hope this situation will be resolved soon. At the most he has got us fans and we will spread his music legacy. This time we are here to support and back Rory. Having said that I feel so much stronger in saying that.
Rock On For Rory. Subrata.x There is just one word for the music industry: GREEDY SCUM!!!
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby signals » 04 Dec 2015, 19:29

Up on Dailymotion:
http://dai.ly/x3fme3c - What’s Going On
http://dai.ly/x3fme3a - Gambling Blues

It's to do with Universal (who own Eagle Rock) and Google (who own Youtube) having issues, which sadly leads to the videos being down.
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby SUBY1974 » 13 Dec 2015, 14:42

I can't access other you tube videos like U2 songs. Something is going on between You Tube and Google. Subrata.x
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby CiaSeattle » 16 Dec 2015, 05:34

Eagle Rock also blocked (at least in the US) the documentary "Gallagher's Blues..Requiem for Rory" made in 1995. This just seems wrong, that something made to honor the man just after his death is now being used for profit. Ghost Blues is gone as well, it is re-released on Eagle Rock website as a 2 disc DVD, the first disc is the documentary, the 2nd are "previously unreleased" Beat Club sessions. I wonder how long before there is no Rory Gallagher left on YouTube at all.
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby Piranha » 18 Dec 2015, 19:11

Dear Rory fans,

to start with: I'm in no way father or son of Eagle Rock, but reading this forum regulary I now registered, because I like to state a different point of view on the blocking matter. I'm working in publishing business myself, although it's about books.

Shoudn't we all be happy to have a release like this after all this years of researching the footage and negotiating about the stuff to get it on air? Anyone followed the painful process especially for IOW? I`m reading about "profit" and "greedy" music business, but what do you think, who paid for this in the first place? For all of the research for good copies, the processing, the licences and royalties, the production, distribution and marketing that made IOW come true? It´s not "profit", it´s re-venue, and it´s the re-venue, which helps to employ all the people who made this possible, to pay for the processing, production, administration, and all. Yes it´s business, but I believe, a lot of us are in business in some way. I think, they made their calculations and said ok, let's do it, but do you really think, there´s much champagne and "profit" in releasing this?

On the opposite, there´re a lot of people on YouTube, raising Ads with pirated content, and receiving money in return for a little effort and no risk or investment at all. That's what I would call "profit". Maybe this is not true for the IOW videos which have been blocked, but I saw them as well. No need to call them mere teasers for your best friends Xmas present, they were complete, unabridged and in HD.

To be straight, it´s WRONG that free content helps selling (except for REM or Wilco, maybe, no offense). Anyone objecting, go out and try yourself. I myself would like to see future projects realized with more restored Taste stuff, which today is floating around in bootleg quality. Who would do this next time under terms of a possible negative with thousands of copies produced but not sold?

I´m very dedicated to Rory and his music, and spent a lot for LPs, CDs and stuff. IOW for me is THE gift of the year, and I say thank you to Daniel and Eagle Rock for this great DVD. If you like it, buy it, and then there's a chance of more to come in the future.

No offense, just my thoughts on this.
Peace everyone
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby RobertaSparrow » 19 Dec 2015, 05:28

Hello and welcome Piranha,

I read your post and I understand your point of view, however I think that to block these videos in light of the effort that is being made to promote Rory's music and legacy is misguided in this instance. The pirated music on YouTube is as you pointed out, not the best quality, but it is enough to spark the interest of people who perhaps have never seen or heard Rory before. I was one of the lucky ones who was honored and privileged to see Rory perform live numerous times, and nothing, nothing could compare with seeing the man play live on stage. In these surreptitiously recorded live performances we get a unique glimpse into these priceless moments of creativity- Rory never did the same song the same way twice.

The first time I ever heard Rory play, I didn't know who he was- I heard him first play on an "underground" FM radio station in Los Angeles in the late '60s, a bootleg recording of Taste- a priceless tidbit of music that had not been officially recorded, but I remember taking notice and thinking, what an amazing sound, what an outstanding talent. And at the time I thought I was hearing Cream. Years later I heard it again, and was amazed to realize that the amazing guitar wizardry that I had heard on that poor quality bootleg was the same Rory Gallagher that I saw on stage years later, when Blueprint and Tattoo came out.

That recording was the medley of I'm Moving On, Pontiac Blues, and Bye Bye Bird. Since then I have purchased all of Rory's albums, studio and live, but I also have collected as many bootlegs as I could, because even with the poor quality, these are precious gems that, if someone had not been there albeit without authority, those recordings would be forever lost.

I am very glad that Donal and Daniel have worked so hard to salvage and obtain the muddled rights to these priceless Taste recordings, but Rory is no longer with us to promote his work.

These YouTube videos are bits and pieces of a past that we could well have lost forever. I understand the slippery slope of lost royalties of artists who are trying to make a living from their creations, but in Rory's case, this is an entirely different situation.

These unauthorized recordings aren't the best quality, but they showcase Rory at his spontaneous best. New listeners will hear these, and I know many of them will buy the "official" recordings, just as I and so many others have. So I must agree to disagree with you there. :mrgreen:

Post Script,

In regard to " . . . Anyone followed the painful process especially for IOW? I`m reading about "profit" and "greedy" music business, but what do you think, who paid for this in the first place? . . . "

From my perspective, and this is my own opinion based on what I have read and heard about the rise and fall of Taste, I appreciate the contributions of the musicians that Rory worked with in both the first and second incarnation of Taste, but interference and manipulation of the management, the "business" side of the equation was what caused the end of this musical collaboration of Rory and his band. The questionable management and business practices of Rory's management caused the demise of Taste, and for a long time Rory lost the rights to his own music. The process of getting the IOW performances released had much to do with the various business interests that wanted a piece of the pie who truth be told had only a very cursory right to it, who were not the creators of the art, but merely vested interests who happened to own a piece of the rights as the years passed.

And, when we on this forum speak of the greed of the music business, it is because we have not lost sight of the way Rory was treated leading up to the break up of Taste, to the horrible way Rory was treated, to how he was hurt and humiliated by that business. Who do I think paid for it? Rory did, for decades after. He never played any of that music again, and those were his creations.
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Re: Eagle Rock Has Blocked All Taste IOW Videos From Youtube

Postby Piranha » 19 Dec 2015, 22:49

Dear Roberta,

thank you for the welcome and for sharing your memories. I myself started with Rory only in the late 80s (due to my age) and so I missed a lot of his career in terms of personal experience. However, at least two times I was lucky to see him on stage. So to me it´s a great gift to listen and watch to all these bootlegs in sound and video from former times, especially when it comes to Taste and his first solo lineup with Gerry and Wilgar.

I think, there´s really a point in what you say about promotion. Whatever is being shared on YouTube or elsewhere is helping to create an audience for Rory's songs and his stunning presence when performing. Just listen and look ;) I believe, that a lot of this is shared in dedication, not for pirating. And I admit, that I collected a lot from this myself. So I´m not against sharing rare footage that otherwise maybe would get lost or remain unseen.

But the IOW concert is a commercial realease, created with a lot of effort from the Gallagher family and Eagle Rock. I remember, from the first tellings, that the material has been recovered, up to the final release, it took years and years of work, and there were several times, when the whole project looked like on a dead end. How must it feel for the creators of this, who spent so much, to see the entire concert for free on YouTube only two weeks after the commercial release? Well, some people not involved would always say, it helps selling. I'm convinced, it doesn't. And I guess, Eagle Rock from their experience doesn't believe that either. That's why they blocked the videos.

It´s sad, that Rory is no longer with us, and therefore it seems like everything he left is handled from third hands like managers, music business and else. As you said, business has already been a sad story in the days of Taste themselves. But I think, that Daniel is doing a good work with a great care for everything. So let´s keep it balanced, when it comes to dedication and promotion on the one hand and necessary business on the other hand. In the end, we all should be happy that there still ARE new releases every year with fresh or at least greatly restored material like it is the IOW concert.

Have a bright christmas time, you and everybody here. I have to sign off now ;))
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