THANK YOU ~ Donal and Daniel Gallagher

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Re: THANK YOU ~ Donal and Daniel

Postby Leedelta » 07 Oct 2015, 21:26

Thank you Donal & Daniel for all your work.
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Re: THANK YOU ~ Donal and Daniel Gallagher

Postby suemac » 17 Oct 2015, 14:59

After attending the London showing of What’s Going On at the Picture house Central in Piccadilly my appreciation and admiration of Rory Gallagher was compounded. He was phenomenal! To perform in Taste at such a high level at such a young age is astonishing and awe inspiring. He is truly the greatest. His vast catalogue as an individual artist reinforces this – pure genius. Every album is at once “my favourite” until the next one on the turntable. As Rory aged his voice matured and if he had lived would have no doubt continued to perform and create fantastic music for us to enjoy. I very much wanted to express my admiration for Rory’s music and the wonderful film, but on meeting Donal Gallagher I became a blithering idiot!
If Donal reads this, I apologise! I’m not usually that giddy, it was the excitement! As a school teacher of 10 and 11 year olds I try to do my bit promoting Rory’s music to the next generation and often show Rory performances via U-Tube. They already know that Rory Gallagher played the Blues and was the best!
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