REPLAY of RORY'S ~ Questionaire

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Re: REPLAY of RORY'S ~ Questionaire

Postby Jay Jay » 26 Jul 2015, 21:53

photofinish wrote:
Jay Jay wrote:PS. Mark (Photofinish) I thought you would have looked at the positive side of this Rory questions & answers..

You know Rory as well if not better than anybody on these boards. Surely being in his great company all those times..
You can see some of that tongue in cheek / humorous side of the answers he replied to the journalist??

To add a positive Rory vibe to this topic

I read that donkeys years ago..Hot press should be ashamed of themselves...can't we voice our opinions on here??..i think Rory's memory has been slurred here...bearing in mind he kept them afloat..but hey ho...u cant please everyone.....

Blimey Mark (Photofinish) who gives a **** about Hot Press.. RORY'S Great musical legacy and memory is secured for all time without a doubt now..

Always look on the bright side of life .. and Taste Live @ the Isle Wight :) .. when it comes out ;) and..

Rock On for Rory
Slainte, Jay Jay
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