Other Sides of Rory

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Other Sides of Rory

Postby RobertaSparrow » 26 Apr 2015, 23:15

I saw this old interview with Rory posted on Mark's FB page. And as with all of Rory's interviews, I couldn't help but notice how knowledgeable Rory is about so many different aspects of his craft. Plus, he had such a wonderful speaking voice. He would have done well as host of a musical radio program, talking about and interviewing other musicians/friends about sound, recording techniques, musical styles, and more. He was very insightful, and I always enjoyed listening to him speak. His insight and the benefit of his years of experience on the road, on stage, in the studio- Not to replace his musicianship and touring, but as one gets older it is natural to slow down the pace a bit and become more reflective. I think, had his health improved, he would have made an excellent elder statesman for music.

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Re: Other Sides of Rory

Postby Tibbierocks » 28 Apr 2015, 09:28

He might have been hosting a blues show on planet rock (digital radio station - not sure if you have it in the USA)
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