Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

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Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby The Cuckoo » 11 Sep 2013, 10:25

I always wondering why the Gallagher familiy finds it "normal" that Rory had caught an MRSA-virus after
the sucessfull liver transplant and why Donal has not accused Rorys private Doctors at Harley Street (London)
for describing him tons of paracetamol and other drugs. If Rory had been my brother I would always be
sceptic. Why? My son Moritz (born 11.06.1994) had been wilful damaged by doctors: He had at the age of 4 weeks
a brain blooding and the doctors at childrens's hospital didn't treatend that brain blooding. After 10 days
staying in hospital they`ve send us home. 2 days later as we brought Moritz again to this hospital -
he had a more serious brain blodding and so they had laying him under a coma in intensive care the
same night (08/1994) a day later my husband and I were accused by the principal consultant that we
had battered our own child.

Moritz had been brought to the Childrens University Hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany in September 1994.
In October 1994 Moritz had his second operation (they have implanted a shunt in his head, because
he had a suffered a hydrocephalus in fact that this brain blodding weren't treatend in July 1994).
Moritz is handicapped (spasm in his leg, he had mental problems and went to a special-needs school)
and we had a lawsuit because we were accused in case of child abuse (battered child syndrome).
Lucky that one of my cousins is a family doctor and had read the reports from the childrens hospitals
our lawyer had requested. I had later accused the hospital where my son was born but I have lost
every lawsuit....(until 2000 at the high court OLG Hamm - because we were unlikely said the judges there...)

That is maybe the answer for Rory's unusual announcement of the song "Moonchild" in Stuttgart 1994 (September 1994).

This is all I know - I think other involved people surely knowing more than myself (maybe the dutch connection in Leeuwarden?)

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Re: Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby The Cuckoo » 11 Sep 2013, 11:07

Crime? My stepmother is from serbia (my mother died 1977 at the age of 36 years; my brother died in 1998, aged 34 years) and my stepmother had relately
connections to the serbian government and one of her brothers and his wife have worked in Tripolis, Lybia. Their employer was: Muhammar El Ghadaffi.
My son moved out in 2011 to my former husband and isn't willing to talk to me anymore. Why? My stepmother has more money than I have ...
I don't read crime novels and I always adored Rory Gallagher for his great music. My family hates Rory Gallagher - why? I don' t know.
Donal should write that biography about his brother Rory and his untimed death on prescription.

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Re: Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby RobertaSparrow » 11 Sep 2013, 12:15

RE: the MRSA infection,
MRSA is actually a bacterial infection, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, a "super bug." It has developed over the last century or so due to the over-use and inappropriate use of antibiotics. Staph bacteria are very common, and most are fairly harmless. But we as a species have been so reckless and cavalier in our use of antibiotics that we've provided the perfect little proving ground to demonstrate the theory of evolution by exposing these bugs to a given antibiotic just enough to kill off the weaker ones, and leave the stronger ones to proliferate until, one-by-one we grow these once fairly benign microbe-pests into stronger, more virulent versions of staph, and rendering each of our "miracle drugs," like penicillin less effective until finally we're faced with flesh-eating bacteria, and MRSA.

Doctors used to hand out penicillin as a cure-all every time someone caught a cold or something equally trivial. And farmers dump antibiotics into animal feed so they can overcrowd livestock and still make a profit. So the result are these superbugs that can bring a strong, healthy person to death's door.

MRSA evolved pretty quickly when you consider that the arsenal of antibiotics most of us grew up with didn't even exist a century ago. ... cus_aureus

In the mid-90's MRSA was still a fairly new development. Nowadays when you go into a hospital or a clinic they post signs telling people to wash their hands, and there are disinfection stations everywhere. The local hospital in town here even has posters in all the examination and hospital rooms with pictures of doctors, nurses, and others, and the quotation, "It is okay to ask me if I have washed my hands," because those places are the worst for harboring these bacteria.

Rory was so very ill after the transplant- already weak from the illness that destroyed his liver, and probably being given anti-rejection drugs to suppress his immune system to give his new liver a chance.

Obviously we can't see the microbes that hitch a ride on our skin, and in a healthy person they might not have a clue that they have such potentially virulent bacteria setting up camp on their hands. Someone could have innocently transmitted the bacteria to Rory without even realizing it. A doctor or nurse, or a visitor might have even washed their hands thoroughly, and merely opened a door or touched a counter where the bacteria had been left by a previous person, picked the bacteria up on their hands without even realizing it, and gone in to check on Rory, maybe adjust his oxygen mask, or help him with his food or brought him a blanket and unwittingly infected him.

Once infected, he wouldn't have been able to fight off such a bug. Healthy people have died from MRSA.

It wasn't intentional, and at that time maybe not even foreseeable.

When he was in the hospital he was surrounded by people who were trying to help him. That he contracted that horrible infection isn't really anyone's fault.

The doctors who were treating him in the 80's and early 90's, well, that's another matter. But agonizing over the illness that overcame him in the hospital and trying to retrace those steps isn't going to change anything- it will only serve to make it harder for the people who cared for Rory to get past the pain and grief of watching him go through that.

None of us can change the past, and sometimes the only way to heal is to let go. That doesn't mean stop caring, or forgetting. But dwelling on it makes it harder for those left behind to heal and live the rest of their own lives.

I think Rory is in a good place now, not suffering anymore, and free of the pain of those last months. We are spiritual beings, trapped for a time in this physical existence. The physical body dies, the spirit does not. Wherever he is, Rory is not far, and I believe he is fine, he is happy.
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Re: Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby folkdeejay » 11 Sep 2013, 13:04

Roberta - firstly - I am NOT criticising you or your views. Nor do i want to get into an argument or debate about theology. These are your views, and thats fine by me.

However, as a person with no religion, I find comments like " a good place" and "he is happy" a genuine puzzle.

Perhaps it selfish and based on my wish to see him live one last time, but to me, Rory would be happier if he was touring his latest album, hitting the stages of the many festivals around the world as an elder statesman of the bluesy-rock genre. Maybe a few support slots at enormo-gigs by some of the very famous act he influenced. Also, playing at a few folk festivals with the likes of Martin Carthy (the folk equivalent of Rory in some ways, and his friend) and maybe producing a few albums by other artists. His spirit may well live on in another plane, I have no idea - but I know his musical output and artistic endeavours stopped when he died.

You are right that we cannot go back, and no amount of hand wringing or finger pointing will change what has been - but that doesn't mean the dead go to a better place, or are somehow released.
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Re: Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby RobertaSparrow » 11 Sep 2013, 13:30


No offense taken. And I'm not intent on imposing my beliefs on anyone else.

And I agree totally with your view, I would be ecstatic if Rory would have gotten well, or never have gotten ill to begin with. I'd give almost anything to see him play one more time. He deserved to be happier here, to have everything he wanted, the success he wanted, a wife and children when he was ready for it. I see people like Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Jorma Kaukonen, or Albert Lee, men Rory's age and older who are still going strong, and it seems unfair. He deserved much better from this life.

And I would love to hear how his music would have evolved- he would have continued to contribute his artistic endeavors, would have touched even more people with his electrifying performances. We can't change the past. We're born, we get old, then older, then we die. Is there a reason?

As the character Roberta Sparrow said to Donnie Darko, "Every creature on this earth dies alone."

We, all of us, are going to die one day- and at that time we will all get to find out firsthand exactly what happens next. I believe something positive happens to the spirit next. I think when he was alive Rory believed it too.

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Re: Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby SUBY1974 » 11 Sep 2013, 17:12

I believe you Roberta 200 percent. Subrata. X :D :D :D
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Re: Rorys performance Stuttgart 1994 "Moonchild"

Postby Regina » 17 Mar 2017, 19:01

Very good what I read so far, in this topic ... & touching! Congratulations, Roberta !

Yes, I think EVERYONE WILL LIKE AT LEAST ONE MORE TIME to see Rory free from pain, sickness, suffering, happy to rejoice in his work, his singing, his compositions, his beloved Strat ...

But I came to a doubt .... just browsing, I read the comment of a fan, in the video I put now, that said ... [... "I was very ill at this stage of his Life and waiting for a liver transplant. "...].

In other places, I saw misleading information: in some places it is said that Rory "DID effectively the liver transplant and that he was recovering when there was the MRSA bacterial attack that unfortunately ended his life" ...

However, in other places, I have read that "he HAS NOT PASSED through the liver transplant" .... (???)

The ventilator in question even says that "Rory was waiting for the liver transplant" (to what I understand, then "he was in the queue" ??). I take it that "he DID NOT HAVE the liver transplanted" ! .... would it be?

We well know that whatever happened, nothing - unfortunately - will change the outcome of what happened to Rory .... it's almost twenty-one years past and we still mourn his departure, which interrupted such a laborious and precious work by him ... even so, friends, I'm in the mood (morbid? Sorry for not thinking so .... it's unfortunate to think about Rory's death, but as also a ventilator, even so long ago, I was curious to know anyway , WHAT really happened ... could anyone clarify? Rory PASSED or NOT by the liver transplant? He already knew that he needed the same BEFORE to go down in the hospital or the fact was only passed to the relatives when the necessary hospitalization?

... on the other hand, watching the sad ending of Rory's latest performances really is quite painful. I think most ventilators feel at least as unconformed and uncomfortable (as much as possible) by observing as much competence and willingness to DO HAPPEN as he has demonstrated, even in the end, and then to follow the facts of the hospitalization followed by his death. ... we observe a life so precious to be extinguished suddenly, to see such a sublime spirit volatize itself so far, it hurts too much today ...

I really miss not seeing NOW what he could be doing ... as people say "well, this is life ... one day we will all die, anyway, it was his turn" does not decrease the sense of loss and what else could be happening at the moment, with prospects of seeing him "somewhere", in small place or not, with crowds or in a more intimate setting, with people who genuinely would be going to watch the GENIUS, matured and still have what to show ... Watching WHAT he meant for a lifetime!

.. however, what we have is such a precious career interrupted forever ...

Hugs, friends and despite being a "simple curiosity", would appreciate knowing what really happened just before the outcome of Rory's life ...

... and Donal ... please .... if you can HEAR the request, I believe that from half a world, from ventilators scattered around the Globe, inform .... WHERE IS THE BIOGRAPHIC BOOK THAT YOU HAVE STATED OF WRITING, WITH THE MEMORIES FROM YOUR EXTRAORDINARY BROTHER ??? In the good... we are still awaiting! :roll:

And a good afternoon to everyone - keep us listening to Rory! What could be better ???? :D :D :D ... nel=dmck75
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