Rory's Collaborations with Ladies?

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Re: Rory's Collaborations with Ladies?

Postby RobertaSparrow » 17 Jun 2012, 10:14

Was listening to one of Bonnie Raitt's first albums, and she adapted a Chris Smither tune- Love Me Like a Man. It would have been amazing to see Rory accompany her on stage for that one. That would be a sizzling hot performance. He would have been right at home- his style was so perfect for that one. If only . . .
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Re: Rory's Collaborations with Ladies?

Postby Faylool » 19 Sep 2017, 19:17

Well he once said (and I heard it with my ears in an interview) yes I met Blondie. I still have the scars. Interviewer didn't know what to think! Nor do I really except his humor is like and if he worked with a woman I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be Debbie Harry.
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Re: Rory's Collaborations with Ladies?

Postby ken » 04 Oct 2017, 19:27

Got to know the Writer of the album Notes on that album, as you quite rightly say High Live and Dirty released on Red Lightning records, think it was recorded at the scene club!. Johnny Winter on there as well, he apparently rang up the writer Tony Brown, who went on to work for the Hendrix estate, and was a really nice guy, who lived and breathed Jimi, He wrote several Books, and had various views about Jimi, Last saw him at the launch of Mitch Mitchells Book on Jimi, in Park Lane. Tony was a fan and was bitten by the jimi bug, or should I say addicked to it?
He apparently passed away a few years back, Apparently Johnny Winter rang him from the states and talked about the album, he rang in the misle of the night, and said 'Hi it's Jonnie, is that Tony Brown '........ it amused Tony, that he would ring up snd just chat.
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