Isle of Wight

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Isle of Wight

Postby roryfan » 28 Aug 2020, 17:40

8/28 is the 50th anniversary of Taste's amazing performance at the Isle of Wight.
Here is a great post sent to The Loop by Peter Wood from the UK.

Here's a memory of the Isle of Wight from Peter Wood.....
Rory played a stunning set 50 years ago today Friday .. later he stayed on as he loved to see tony joe white .. playing crow flies latter .. Rory delayed going to his final gigs with taste until he had seen WHITE . the fest was not all roses .. Algerian anarchists and others tried breaking down the fence against alsation dogs and a brought in security firm.. many got in for free .. financially for the organisers it was for them a DISASTER - it was not flower power peace and love totally !!! hippies were all over 750-000 people .. they even walked down into the sea to swim in the 17 centigrade water /cold. some totally nude . there were people passing round joints but the atmosphere in the crowd the music lovers was great- for those who had gone for the music.. the crowd has mostly gone to see JIMI HENDRIX .. he was to many the magician/ guitar god .. STILL IS .

That who i was there for JIMI but I loved Rory too. I had seen Rory 3 weeks earlier at Plumpton fest near Brighton in the county of Sussex /south UK .. this fest turned into the reading fest that Rory played say 6 x.

I was completely blown away by him at Plumpton .. he blew headliners DEEP PURPLE off the stage .. Rory was the 1st guitar god i had ever seen live - I was amazed - thought wow hes incredible...

my dad a doctor- tried to ban me from going .. i was 17 no chance for him .. dad told me his dr mate in charge of health at the i of wight thought cholera could break out ... there were stand pipes for water , but the sewage control was as basic as you can imagine .. trenches / open ground ..water contamination would / was a great risk .. but i think the people in the end were ok / ??

i climbed out of my bedroom with my rucksack and hitched off to the fest .. my 1st lift was on a motor bike with my ruck sack on then other lifts down to the royal navy city of Portsmouth then the ferry to i of wight then i guess ??? a lorry / bus to the site which was on the very western tip of the island .. the field had a steep hill next to it then called by the fest people DESOLATION HILL you could watch for free ..latter jimi joked on the hill saying .. dont forget you cant fly off that hill .. the jimi dvd is out there called ... blue wild angel a dvd on the fest is there too .. called blue wild angel the movie.. message of love the isle of wight festival.. my favs jimi , Rory and the band t FREE .. bonamassa's fan band free...You had to get some sleep .. needed to chose which bands to get some rest through .. eg think i slept through the DOORS !!! sorry doors fans .. cant remember a loron many things eg cant remember 10 years after .. some bands were crap eg tiny tim , johnsebastian .. tony joe white was great and excellent recordings of his set are on u tube, remastered 6 or so. PLUS many others jethro tull , who etc

well it was fantastic ..i was left for weeks after singing jimi s 1968 amazing song voodoo chile ..chile as usa afro americans called child /jimi too .My mum said post IO wight i was never the same , and that's not from drugs .. my best 5 days ever .. wish i could star trec back in time to do it again.. this bank holiday week end / now.

cant remember the reception I got from my dad when I got back from the fest the 30 miles to worthing ??? cant even remember how I got back i guess the train?
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Re: Isle of Wight

Postby vasdis » 29 Aug 2020, 05:53

It was very similar in 1970 at The Bath Festival Of Blues and Progressive Music at Shepton Mallet.We got soaked on the Saturday and sunburnt on the Sunday.The Hells Angels ,who thought they were the unofficial police wouldn't let John Peel on stage.The hippies were tearing down fences and using bales of straw to light fires to keep warm.Food was in very short supply and the "toilets" were little more than a hole in the ground.All in all though a fantastic weekend with probably the highlight being the now late great Johnny Winter.Transport wise we didn't do very well ,on the way down from the W Midlands our minibus kept breaking down and failed completely on the way home at Frome and we had to wait hours for a replacement ,meaning getting home too late for work .As we were queuing to get in and another vehicle hit us and we finally got there so late in the pitch black we ended up pitching our tent right next to the toilet tent (yuk!)
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Re: Isle of Wight

Postby Jay Jay » 30 Aug 2020, 20:05

Full Audio of Rory Gallagher & " Taste Live " performance at Isle of Wight Festival 1970
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Re: Isle of Wight

Postby SUBY1974 » 08 Sep 2020, 15:48

For those that were at the Isle of Wight Festival of 1970 to see Rory and Taste and the other musicians, you were very lucky. It wonderful to have and cherish these amazing youthful memories. Subrata.
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