The other 'lost' album recorded after Jinx, before Defender.

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The other 'lost' album recorded after Jinx, before Defender.

Postby folkdeejay » 29 Feb 2016, 12:46

Does anyone know if it exists as a completed work ( mixed, mastered etc) like the NfSF album from a few years earlier? That album was reworked into Photo Finish, as we all know.

I initially thought the 'lost' album quotes all referred to the same sessions - but reading through a few old interviews, it seems clear Rory pulled the plug on another album, one that was recorded and largely complete after Jinx and before Defender.

Are there any signs it will emerge in some form - if not as a complete work like the NfSF package, perhaps as part of an anniversary edition?

2017 is 30 years since Defender was released - it would be great to hear the earlier versions of any songs that got reworked for Defender, if that is what happened - or was Defender all new songs, and there are 10 or more new, unheard tracks out there still to be revealed? Ideally - a second disk with the entire 'lost' album on it, or even as a stand-alone album, would be great - but even if it doesn't warrant its own release like the San Fransisco album (maybe incomplete or unfinished/work in progress songs) it would be good to hear what there is.

I know there are mixed thoughts about releasing work by artists that they rejected when alive - but as companion pieces to 'official' releases like Defender, I think they are legitimate - just like the bonus tracks on other CD releases, and the entire IT74 recordings.
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Re: The other 'lost' album recorded after Jinx, before Defen

Postby CiaSeattle » 29 Feb 2016, 18:18

NFSF was a completed album when Rory tossed it into the bin. From what I've read, Rory dismissed this project (Torch) before completion. I would guess there may still be tapes though. Here is a quote from Rory re: the project:

"Rory: Maybe eighty percent of the San Francisco album could come out in some form - remixed. The problem was: the mixing was getting complicated and some of the songs (just didn`t sound right). You see what happened with "Torch" was even more complicated because although I abandoned the "Torch"-project, I kept some of the songs and re-did them in different keys, different tempos and added some new songs. Then that became "Defender", which for me was a turning point in my career and in my life. It was a very special album to me personally."

Here is the link to the interview, it was posted on this forum back in 2010. (clearly I have no life, I've been reading all the posts starting from the beginning.)
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