TASTE - In Concert/In The Beginning

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TASTE - In Concert/In The Beginning

Postby smudge » 20 Aug 2015, 16:21

Apologies if this subject has been raised before, but I couldn't trace it in the forum index...

Just purchased this item (Rock Fever Music RFM 009) online from a German seller:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000 ... sic&sr=1-1

The last 7 studio tracks have been issued before on an Emerald Records LP; although they're listed as from July '67, I suspect that this is incorrect as the Rory/McCracken/Wilson line-up was only born in mid '68, as far as I recall. They also look identical to tracks listed as '68 demos in the forthcoming 4CD I'll Remember box.

However, the first 7 live tracks do not seem to be in the 4CD box; they're listed as coming from the Marquee (presumably in London) on 25th Oct '68, but sound to me like they could be from two different gigs, as the sound quality of the first 3 tracks is better than the others.

Can anyone confirm the origins of these tracks and whether they have been issued previously? Thanks.
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Re: TASTE - In Concert/In The Beginning

Postby no_noise_reduction » 20 Aug 2015, 19:56

Yes, studio tracks will be part of the box set.
Regarding the Marquee live tracks (I never noticed they might be from different sources): I read that they were recorded live at the Marquee's in-house studio while the show was also filmed. It's a bit of a mystery. The recordings would first surface on an LP called Taste feat. Rory Gallagher - In Concert in the mid-70s, a record that today is often regarded as a bootleg.
I was wondering why they did not make it on the upcoming box set since the sound quality is great. I can only imagine the copyrights for this recording are still not clarified.
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