Not an interview, but Rory doing a PA/ Blues workshop

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Not an interview, but Rory doing a PA/ Blues workshop

Postby folkdeejay » 18 Nov 2014, 11:44

In some respects I know things like this were too "showbiz" for Rory - but when you hear the odd clip like this, it is a shame that his mistrust of the media / shyness etc meant Rory did not go out and hit the media as an ambassador for his own music, and alos for the blues.

Not that I would have like to see him on every chat show or music magazine show - but there is a happy medium - and he shunned the popular media to a degree that is hard to uyndertand for a man who is on record as saying he would like to be as succesful (on his own terms) as Springsteen.

This clip is audio only - but he plays so well, and is an engaging speaker - if he had got a bit more of a reputation ( like Clapton did around the time of his unplugged stuff) as the goto guy for some authentic blues palying (albeit by a white man!!) ... just maybe he would not have come to feel so excluded, as he seems to have done from the late 80's onwards.
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Re: Not an interview, but Rory doing a PA/ Blues workshop

Postby SUBY1974 » 20 Nov 2014, 00:28

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Re: Not an interview, but Rory doing a PA/ Blues workshop

Postby capo » 20 Nov 2014, 03:52

Thanks so much Suby for finding these. I don't know how I managed to miss seeing these before. I do recall however, reading an article about these sessions, and the writer noting how very nervous Rory was before hand, not about his playing ability, but how people would greet him because his physical appearance had so changed and he was self conscience of it. Also rumours were abound about his supposed drinking habits. Poor Rory. I think this might have been his final "performance" in his homeland. Not sure though if this was before or after the Temple Bar Blues Festival on August 15 in 1992, in Dublin. Anyway, he played his heart out, as always. Peace.
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Re: Not an interview, but Rory doing a PA/ Blues workshop

Postby RobertaSparrow » 20 Nov 2014, 19:03

That isn't a new clip, it's been out for a while, but sadly it fades from everyone's memory. I am glad to see them re-emerge after a time, especially when people new to Rory have a chance to see these for the first time. If the pattern was, they get posted, fade from memory, then someone re-"discovers" these clips and we all marvel over them as though new. Well in a sense they are. And that's good. So, we see an interesting Rory something or other on another site or FB page, bring it back to the forefront. Keep Rory alive.

There was an old comedy show over here, an odd sort of community-television program called Mystery Science Theater 3000, became fairly popular over here, although they never really advertised, the word got around because the fans kept circulating the videos, and the people that did the show knew that, and at the end of their earlier programs was the closing statement, "Keep Circulating the Tapes." So even now, you go to YouTube and key in MST3K and that old community television comedy show pops up, for all of its cult following to watch and enjoy even though the show itself is history.

That's what we need to do for Rory, keep it new for the ones who never had the chance to see him, copy it from here and post it there, and vice versa. (And an extra bonus for those of us that have been around the block a few times, every so often a bit of Classic Rory comes along that one of us old guard fans have never seen before).

So, keep circulating the tapes.

I even gave my BlueRay copy of the earlier IT74 video disc in favor of the new one to a woman who had never heard of Rory before and now has bought most of his catalog. Wait til she sees him on stage!
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