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Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2014, 16:22
by JimBo
I am very pleased with the Irish Tour 74 treasure box. What a TRUE document.For the people responsible.

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2014, 20:58
by RobertaSparrow
:mrgreen: I got the set for my birthday late yesterday (thank you Jim) and I thoroughly love it! More acoustic Rory- can never get too much acoustic Rory, (he does all of Unmilitary Two-Step, love it!)! And Rory does what he always did, the same songs not the same way. I haven't heard it all yet, I have 5 of the discs on my changer on random, so it will be a while before I'm through them, but so far, it is wonderful. :)

:shock: :? :ugeek: Ahhhh, okay Jay Jay I see what you did here/there. I thought when you said "put them here" you meant there. But really you meant put them where the link indicated. :mrgreen: which would be here.

I blame my worn-out brain and failing eyes- 8-)

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2014, 20:16
by RobertaSparrow
:D Shamelessly copied and pasted from the Amazon UK site- I found this user's review on the Amazon UK page, and found it to be informative-

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

"...And Your Cradle Will Rock..." - Irish Tour '74: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set (2014 7CD and 1DVD Remasters)
Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase
Rory Gallagher fans the world over will be licking their lips on this one. And with 7CDs, a feature-length DVD and a stonking 44 Previously Unreleased tracks (Live and Studio) - we'd best get to a tour of this fantastic celebration right away...

UK released 20 October 2014 - "Irish Tour '74: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set" on Sony/Capo/Legacy/Eagle Records 88875004882 breaks down as follows:

Disc 1, CORK CITY HALL, 3rd and 5 January 1974 (74:06 minutes):
1. Messin' With The Kid
2. Cradle Rock
3. I Wonder Who (Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man)
4. Tattoo'd Lady
5. Walk On Hot Coals
6. Laundromat
7. A Millions Miles Away
8. Hands Off
9. Too Much Alcohol
Tracks 1, 6 and 8 are Previously Unreleased

Disc 2, as per 1 (48:40 minutes):
1. As The Crow Flies
2. Pistol Slapper Blues
3. Unmilitary Two-Step
4. Banker's Blues
5. Going To My Hometown
6. Who's That Comin'
7. In Your Town
Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are Previously Unreleased - "Banker's Blues" is a Big Bill Broonzy cover

Disc 3, DUBLIN CARLTON CINEMA, 2 January 1974 (55:11 minutes):
1. Cradle Rock
2. Tattoo'd Lady
3. Hands Off
4. Walk On Hot Coals
5. Laundromat
6. Too Much Alcohol
7. A Million Miles Away
Tracks 1 to 7 all Previously Unreleased

Disc 4, as per 3 (52:29 minutes):
1. As The Crow Flies
2. Pistol Slapper Blues
3. Banker's Blues
4. Unmilitary Two-Step
5. Going To My Hometown
6. In Your Town
7. Bullfrog Blues
Tracks 1 to 8 are all Previously Unreleased

Disc 5, BELFAST ULSTER HALL, 28 and 29 December 1973 (58:18 minutes):
1. Messin' With The Kid
2. Cradle Rock
3. I Wonder Who (Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man)
4. Tattoo'd Lady
5. Walk On Hot Coals
6. Hands Off
7. A Million Miles Away
8. Laundromat
Tracks 1 to 8 are all Previously Unreleased

Disc 6, as per 5 (58:00 minutes):
1. As The Crow Flies
2. Pistol Slapper Blues
3. Unmilitary Two-Step
4. Banker's Blues
5. Going To My Hometown
6. Who's That Comin'
7. In Your Town
8. Bullfrog Blues
Tracks 1 to 8 are all Previously Unreleased

Disc 7, CITY HALL IN SESSION, 4 January 1974 (50:11 minutes):
1. Maritime (The Edgar Lustgarden Cut) - 2:32 minutes
2. I Want You/Raunchy Medley - 3:50 minutes
3. Treat Her Right - 4:11 minutes
4. I Wonder Who - 5:58 minutes
5. Too Much Alcohol - 7:01 minutes
6. Just A Little Bit - 8:17 minutes
7. I Can't Be Satisfied - 4:08 minutes
8. Acoustic Medley - 1:29 minutes
9. Back On My Stompin' Ground (After Hours) - 6:13 minutes
10. Stompin' Ground (Alternate Version) - 6:32 minutes
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 are Previously Unreleased STUDIO tracks
Tracks 1, 3 and 10 have appeared on Expanded CDs of
Tracks 6 and 9 are Side 4 of the original double-album

Using the following three CDs - you can sequence the July 1974 ORIGINAL VINYL DOUBLE-ALBUM on Polydor 2659 031 as follows:

Side 1 (Live):
1. Cradle Rock [Disc 1/Track 2]
2. I Wonder Who (Who's Gonna Be Your Sweet Man) [Disc 1/Track 3]
3. Tattoo'd Lady [Disc 1/Track 4]
Side 2 (Live):
4. Too Much Alcohol [Disc 1/Track 9]
5. As The Crow Flies [Disc 2/Track 1]
6. A Million Miles Away [Disc 1/Track 7]
Side 3 (Live):
7. Walk On Hot Coals [Disc 1/Track 5]
8. Who's That Comin' [Disc 2/Track 6]
Side 4 (Studio):
9. Back On My (Stompin' Ground) [Disc 7/Track 9]
10. Just A Little Bit [Disc 7/Track 6]
[NOTE: the famous "Ladies And Gentlemen - Rory Gallagher!" intro by a Cork Man on Side 1 now comes 'before' "Messin' With The Kid" on Disc 1 instead of "Cradle Rock" like it did on the original double-album. But when you cut to Track 2 "Cradle Rock" on the CD - that intro isn't there anymore (which feels a little odd)]

Disc 8, DVD, The Tony Palmer Directed Documentary "Irish Tour '74", REGION 0, NTSC, 171 Minutes (Courtesy Of Eagle Rock Entertainment)

The Box Set is 10" x 10" and mimics the original 'silver' album cover with a pasted on page on the rear (falls off easily so I'd put this is a protective plastic soonest - in fact the whole set is a little flimsy so be careful with it). The 16-page oversized booklet has an introduction by Rory's brother (and keeper of the flame) DONAL GALLAGHER with further liner notes from GAVIN MARTIN referencing the difficulty in getting the Northern Ireland shows booked, played and filmed. There are photos from the gigs, in studio sessions, Melody Maker Magazine appraisal of the shows (Roy Hollingworth's famously passionate review), a Belfast City ticket stub (value at £1.25!), tape boxes and reissue credits. The three-way fold out digipak inside features fantastic colour photos on all three venues on both the flaps and matching CDs. It's very tastefully done. But the best news is of course the improved audio. MARTIN DUBKA did the Mixing with ANDY PEARCE and MATT WORTHAM doing the Remasters and even on the lo-fi tracks where there's amps humming and crowd noises - the `presence' is fantastic. To universal praise - this duo handled the 2012 remasters of Rory's Polydor and Chrysalis albums - and the same plaudits apply here.

As many fans had suspected - although the inner gatefold of the original 2LP set states that tracks were used from Cork, Dublin and Belfast - this box set finally confirms that only the 'Cork' show was used. And having been in the audience at the Dublin show on 2 January 1974 - I suppose I can now hear my lovely larynx in there in the crowd somewhere - beaming like a fool and shaking my head like everyone else...

Before we get into the abundance of live stuff - let's talk about the STUDIO stuff on Disc 7. Fans will notice that only 5 of the 10 tracks are marked with a Previously Unreleased Asterisk. That leaves five unaccounted for. Well two are Side 4 of the album ("Back On My Stompin' Ground (After Hours)" and "Just A Little Bit") as mentioned above - but the other three require explanation. When fans bought the 1998 Da Capo CD remaster of "Irish Tour '74" - to their amazement they found that the last track of the album "Just A Little Bit" had been replaced by something called "Maritime" (the name of a bar in Belfast both Rory and Van Morrison's Them used to play in). Even more infuriating for fans was to find out that this "Maritime" was an instrumental that lasted all of 33 seconds and was about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. The "Maritime (The Edgar Lustgarden Cut)" cut we now get on Disc 7 is 2:32 minutes long - but in all honesty - is just as disposable. The other two cuts are "Treat Her Right" - a cover version of a Roy Head track on Vee Jay Records and "Stompin' Ground (Alternate Take)" - both of which turned up as the two bonus tracks on the 2012 reissue of "Blueprint" (in itself remastered by Pearce and Wortham). Of the new stuff - the Medley cover versions of Dylan's "I Want You" and "Raunchy" by Bill Justis are good rather than great. But then we get the real deal - amazing versions of "I Wonder Who" and a 'electric' version of "Too Much Alcohol" that stretches to seven minutes. What a wow! His playing is just great on both (even if the tapes for "I Wonder Who" go a bit skewiff half way through). The slide version of Muddy Waters' "I Can't Be Satisfied" is a bit thin sonically but it's still a blast of a listen (he just seemed to be on fire with the fluidity of his playing - like Johnny Winter at his best). The "Acoustic Medley" is short but lovely...and it ends with those great outtakes. Which brings us to the live stuff and the double album itself...

"Irish Tour '74" had its fair share of inspired cover version choices - "I Wonder Who" by Muddy Waters, "Too Much Alcohol" by J. B. Hutto, "As The Crow Flies" by Tony Joe White and "Just A Little Bit" by Rosco Gordon. Mix these in with some of Rory's best new material - "Cradle Rock" and "Walk On Hot Coals" - and right from the off - this Double just rocks like a mother. Fans will also notice that excluding "I Could've Had Religion" - the other 6 tracks of his other beloved set "Live! In Europe" are also on here - even in the same running order. There's also a political element hanging over the two BELFAST discs. With the 'Troubles' seeing off every band from the UK and elsewhere - Rory stood almost alone in playing that bombed out city. The roar of the crowd and the sense of occasion make the performance and response all the more alive - healing even. It's fantastic stuff. And after 40 years - I can now also hear myself amidst the mob in Dublin - what memories! The icing on the cake is the DVD (admittedly a bit low-fi in its definition) - but just as mesmerizing to see the visual accompany the audio.

As the years go by - his legend only grows - and gets rediscovered (like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Tommy Bolin). Rory Gallagher was lost to us in 1995 - but his genius playing and especially his generous spirit live on in this wonderful reissue. At a time when Ireland (in all its counties) needed him - he was there for us - and that's speaks volumes of this gentle giant...

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2014, 21:04
by capo
Well heres my relatively brief review of Irish Tour 74 Box Set. First, kudos to the Gallaghers', Donal and Daniel, for continuing to issue first rate posthumously Rory recordings that are both worthwhile and beautifully packaged. They are the Gold Standard compared to others, like the Hendrix Estate who continue to rip off and exploit Jimi fans with repackaged crap. Not just sonically, but musically and performance wise, the iconic Cork shows we have known all these years are still the standout discs in this set. Not only because these shows had the benefit of Ronnie Lanes Mobile Unit, but the dynamics of Rory's fretwork and tone all came together at these final shows. Just compare the three versions of Tattoo'd Lady we are given, Rory's outro solo at Cork is so superior and imaginative to Belfast's and Dublin's rather mundane ones is one example. Belfast's Discs 5 and 6 suffer I think, from Rorys guitar buried too deep in the mix, Gerry's bass and Rod's drums are too prominent and at times drown Rory's guitar out. This is I guess because its a sound board recording and the best we can expect. Dublin's discs 3 and 4 are much better mixed with Rory's sound front and center. I would add, songwise, the unsung hero of all the shows is "Hands Off". Rory really shows his command of loud and quiet dynamics with his nibble fret work. Another gem throughout is "In Your Town", real explosive versions. Finally, let me add the joy of having disc 7, the "Jam" disc. This is us being a fly on the wall, and taking in Rory and the boys letting lose, and even in a more informal session, playing their hearts out. This is just my humble opinion of course, but Rory would, I think be proud of this muti disc box set celebration of this great highpoint in his life and career. Enjoy the Art and Greatness of Rory Gallagher everyone! Peace.

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2014, 19:00
by jedcop
ok this is my cv...........i "ve seen rory over twenty times ,sometimes twice in one week,so i was really looking forward to the irish tour box set........................but i have to say i was disappointed with disc 3 and disc 5 and 6,i think the sound is below par,in fact i have heard some bootlegs that sound much better,i know others will not agree with me but that is how i see it,i am sorry that it has turned out that way but there you are.........does anybody agree with me?....i wonder

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2014, 19:38
by RobertaSparrow
I enjoyed it quite a bit. I was delightfully surprised by it, because Rory left this world with a finite amount of finished work, and yes there are concerts and shows which I would love to see on video, and audio, so many magic moments that were never recorded on any media, that we as a collective group hold in our memories. But for the most part things that Rory felt were ready to be presented to his fans and public are already out there. The most notable missing item is the IOW show, that monumental accomplishment of Rory's that is out there but mired in legalities. I do look forward to seeing that one someday, hopefully sooner than later.

But I do enjoy this new 40th Anniversary set of IT74- I love hearing these new Rory variations on his set, because he played the way he did it was always new. And for these shows, Rory played his heart out for his fans, so every recording is full of energy and that creative spark that we all went to see back in the day. So my opinion, which as I said before is worth exactly as much as anyone else's opinion, is that the set is a welcome addition to my collection of Rory, I think it is great, and I am very glad to have it.

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2014, 19:42
by Jay Jay
RobertaSparrow wrote:I do enjoy this new 40th Anniversary set of IT74- I love hearing these new Rory variations on his set, because he played the way he did it was always new.

Got it thankfully from my wonderful daughter for Christmas :)

As Cynthia says.. us RORY FANATICS like to hear the different variations of same songs. Played about 3 discs so far I for one are not disappointed at all. Some have said that the other recording are not as good as certain ones. I can see what your meaning but If you have a decent sound system you can get the happy medium to enjoy all discs :)
The 3rd disc I played was the 8th DVD Disc with Irish Tour '74 Film /doc. Plus Bonus editions including the Limerick Savoy '72 Gig and The Japanese Tour '74 footage.. I've already got these recordings on VHS and DVD before. This time the quality of sound and vision are much better and IMHO, this disc is worth the money alone for at least half the package :)

Rory Irish Tour Box Set.JPG

Rock On for Rory
Slainte, Jay Jay

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2015, 16:38
by Jay Jay
Still putting on every weekend this great IT '74 Tour Anniversary treasure of a package ..

For me they should have originally on the IT '74 release. Put the fantastic versions of "Hands Off" (11 minutes) and "In Your Town" (16 minutes) Cork City Hall recordings..

There agian back then they were limited for space on the vinyl recording. My own opinion is that these are better and more LIVE and a lot more atmospheric. Than the tracks that were recorded from the mobile recording unit that were on side 4 was it? of the original IT '74 Album 2 disc vinyl release.

Re: Irish Tour 74 Box Set 40th Anniversary Recordings

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2015, 22:43
by SUBY1974
I have now listened to the whole of the Irish Tour 1974 box set and I absolutely love it.
It has been very nice to listen to all three concerts in Cork, Dublin and Belfast.

First of all I love the overall package of the box set and the booklet inside is filled with a lot of info. I like Donal’s intro; the piece by Gavin Martin and of course Milo’s interview with Robin. I like comments by Roy Hollingworth who wrote that incredible piece in the Melody Maker after Rory’s legendary concerts in Belfast in 1971, that made him a folk hero:- “Rory Gallagher played like his guitar was plugged straight into the universal source and it probably was. That Rory was on his home turf for this tour only increased the sense of some sort of direct connection with his sound. Every note played, every string struck and every song sung vibrated with all the passion and intensity of a spiritual experience, which this surely was”. Roy Hollingworth you were a good writer and you explain Rory’s playing so eloquently. The photos and pictures of the mixing desks are really good and the booklet is very easy to understand.

The audio CDs were clear to hear. I know Rory never played a set list but its obvious for purposes of the documentary he did stick to a pattern of songs, maybe at Tony Palmer’s request. For me the Cork City Hall session was the best and obviously that cut made the Irish Tour 74 album. It is different in the sense that Rory was in his home time with his people. His playing had extra emotion to it and edge.

As always no two songs that Rory played ever sounded the same. I love ALL the versions of his songs and I never tire of hearing it. I have downloaded a lot of his songs on to my phone with the HGV downloader and it’s a pleasure to here the various songs like Million Miles Away, Tattoo Lady etc over and over again. Rory was such an exciting performer and keeps me on my toes.

There is some haunting clapping from the audience when he plays Million Miles Away in the Cork CD and I love the song “Nice one Rory. Nice one son. Nice one Rory. Let’s have another one”. They were nice additional touches to the CD and it made me feel like I was the audience, listening to Rory’s fierce, beautiful, emotional and enchanting playing.

Bullfrog Blues was played in Dublin and I never heard Unmilitary Two-Step. The City Hall In Session was very interesting and I like the Martime ( The Edgar Lustgarden Cut) and Muddy Waters “I Can’t Be Satisfied”. I love both the acoustic and electric sets that Rory played. I did hear the version of “As The Crow Flies” by Tony Joe White and it was rather “groovy”. I like Rory’s version better because he brings the celtic element into the song as he plays his National Guitar. Rory did the same with Leadbelly’s song “Out on the Western Plain” where he brings the celtic element into his playing. It’s a very individual stamp and that is what makes Rory so great.

I especially like Walk on Hot Coals and A Million Miles Away in the audio CD. They tend to be my favourites.

Back to the internal cover of the box set where you will find pictures of Cork City Hall, Carlton Cinema and Ulster Hall. I am glad these venues are still around and one can imagine Rory’s legendary concerts being played here. I also like the actually Irish Tour DVD as always and looked forward to seeing more concert footage of the shows in the future.

Finally everyone was long haired back then!! I sometimes forget I was born slap bang in the hippy era but I will treasure this box set for a long time to come. Thank you Daniel and others for putting this incredible box set package together. Subrata. X

To add Tony Palmer was right about Rory:- “He was quite happy to have done it but didn’t see the point of it until he saw it put together and then he realized. What it showed was a working practical musician who was just like you and me. Only he could play the guitar off the f***ing planet”.

Re: IT 74

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2015, 12:39
by RoryfanBrisbane
willie the pimp wrote:I just ordered my IT 74 box set. Now I have to wait a week for it to arrive from Amazon UK-grrr. Filling in time now by listening to the original CD. Hurry up!

Dont know if you have JB HI FI down there in the apple isle? They have RG DVD's in stock from time to time