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Another DVD?

PostPosted: 24 May 2014, 11:38
by Tom Jonas
Where are the rest of the concerts in Montreaux 1977, 1979 and 1985?
There ought to be material for another DVD from these excellent Concerts.

Re: Another DVD?

PostPosted: 29 May 2014, 17:31
by no_noise_reduction
As far as I can remember Daniel Gallagher stated in an interview somewhere on the net that parts of the 1975 tapes were damaged and could not be used. I guess that for all the other concerts he decided to pick one version of each song.
Being a completist, I would have preferred a DVD set with the entire sets included. But that's only me.

Re: Another DVD?

PostPosted: 29 May 2014, 20:01
by Tom Jonas
But that's only me.

No, count me in!
I really would like to see and hear complete Montreaux concerts. Rockpalatz Loreley 1982 seem to be fairly complete, and it is one of my favourites, It almost gives a feeling that you were there.