The value of some Rory rarities

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The value of some Rory rarities

Postby folkdeejay » 19 Apr 2014, 10:34

Whilst the initial gut reaction is priceless - I would never sell !! ... does there come a point where it is silly not to sell an item that is a true collectors item ?

I have, over the years, sold a few items of music memorabnilia and records - only one or two Rory ones that were duplications or compilation albums, mostly just rarer items by bigger 'names'.

For example, I bought a US version of a Pink Floyd LP for £10 and noticed a few years later it was ofte nover £80 on ebay - sold mine for almost £100. I bought the entire Discovery box set ( all 14 studio albums and a nice book) later - in effect with the proceeds of the initial sale.

Saw this today - ... 6016.l4276

Now it may be overpriced - I don't know as I can't recall seeing ot for sale before.

I also have this on my shelf. I also have the vinyl bootlegs it is derived from ... so if it is indeed worth a 3 figure sum, do I really need it ??

Same with my Rory LP's - got them all on CD ( twice!!) but as I am lucky enough to also have signed copies of all his solo LP's (except Fresh Evidence) and the four Taste LPs ( all sleeves signed in one go at the Manchester International 2 on the Defender tour) should I sell the vinyl whilst there is a high demand for Rory memorabilia ??

Do other members have treasured Rory stuff the would sell - and if so, how much is enough?
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Re: The value of some Rory rarities

Postby RobertaSparrow » 19 Apr 2014, 18:00

It's something I have been thinking about lately. I don't have anything really tangible of Rory's, in a sense of anything he signed for me or that he used to own. I have albums, CDs, photos. The most valuable, and the one I would never give or sell is the one I couldn't, and those are the memories of seeing him on stage, watching him interact with us as he played for us.

I've thought about it quite a bit. We who were around to see him when he was a contemporary of Hendrix, rival to and bested Clapton, well, we're getting up there in years ourselves.

I've had occasion to go through the personal effects of family members and close friends who passed on, the things people leave behind that meant the world to them, little treasures we all save, ticket stubs, souvenirs and tokens from past events in their lives, priceless to them. The people who cherished those things are no longer here. We the people left behind sort through these things and puzzle, what to do?

My uncle in his youth worked on a "pit crew" for a hot rod racer at the Irwindale Raceway, he left among his possessions a metal pass, similar to a backstage pass, inscribed with his credentials and the date of the race he worked on, from 1966, a once famous raceway that was mentioned in old Beach Boy songs, and featured in old '60s movies. He treasured it. What do I do with it?

My aunt passed away a few years ago. Among her effects were two very rare books, not terribly old, but from the early 1900's. Two different artists, famous in their day, "modern" dancers who had hand inscribed books to each other. I didn't know who they were, my aunt obviously treasured these books, I googled their names, yes, known artists. I have a dance teacher friend who had heard of them both. What do I do with these things? Sell them? Donate them? Keep them packed away because I know they meant so much to her? So then what will happen when I'm gone?

I have a Rory postage stamp, given to me by someone very close to Rory. It's one of my prized possessions. I've told my daughter how much that little stamp means to me. When I'm gone, what will it mean to her?

I don't know the answers, I just keep pondering the question . . .
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