The Underated "JINX" Album

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Re: The Underated "JINX" Album

Postby JimLED » 17 Mar 2014, 13:07

Especially I love vinyl version of "Jinxed". Waves so magic on it!

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Re: The Underated "JINX" Album

Postby IrishBlues » 17 Mar 2014, 13:17

Come to think of it, What exactly was the original Jinx cover
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Re: The Underated "JINX" Album

Postby Timi Hendrix » 07 Apr 2015, 08:02

Just thinking out loud here, stream of consciousness type thing....

Jinx is a great album, of course, & I'm sure everybody here likes every album he did - (I know I do). People who vaguely know about Rory generally point to his rocking live shows...and they are fantastic.

But not "better" than his studio albums. What a progression Rory made over his career! Even without including the Taste years, and discounting the folky/jazzy/delta bluesy stuff he put on all his albums which I also love (let's just take it as read that we're all fans, yeah?!), and just concentrating on his high energy rock songs and how his style developed, in the 70's there was that hard bluesy rock style that he did so well, along with other bands, Led Zep, Slade, Alvin Lee, the list goes on BUT....during the mid to late 80's music rock music got a bit crap (for my taste), the mighty Alvin Lee even suffered from this, AC/DC definitely did, it lost it's blues and became a bit ....hard to describe, bit glammy, a bit ...commercial? A bit soft, even? Power ballads, anyone? As much as Slash is a Rory fan he's as guilty as the rest of GnR of crass oversentimentalism. Alvin Lee in Ten Years After during 70's? Fantastic. When they kicked him out and he did his solo stuff in 80's and 90's: uninspiried solos, badly written songs that sounded like everything else in the Rock charts, I'm talking Van halen, Poison, all that "metal" stuff (there's only one metal band as far as I am concerned - Motorhead") - So - they all had this big rock sound but lost the blues, lost the soul, and the reason I LOVE rory Gallagher SO much is that he never lost the soul of his sound, he almost alone (that I can think of off the top of my head) out of all of them continued into the 80's and 90's with music that changed and evolved from the 70's (as it should!) without becoming...well, without becoming crap.

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same - compare it to the earlier BBC sessions and tell me that the later stuff is not what my best friend described as "pooh-Zeppelin" (and we LOVE Zeppelin. Jimmy Page ended up playing his guitar with a bow dressed in a silk dragon dressing gown for god's sake - Rory never did that. Rory played songs like "Slumming Angel", "Heaven's Gate", and the amazing "Ghost Blues"....

Ok, rant is over....

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