Dark Side of the Sun, Eclipse

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Dark Side of the Sun, Eclipse

Postby RobertaSparrow » 02 Sep 2013, 12:18

I'm always looking for unreleased and/or rare bits of music or art about Rory. I keep coming across these albums, Dark Side of the Sun, and Eclipse. They are by some guy with, apparently the same name, but the stuff on them is definitely not Rory Gallagher. The stuff on these two albums is dreadful, yet I keep coming across them on various sites. I've even seen them listed in Rory's discography in error. It's some kind of techno-dance-trance stuff. It keeps getting lumped in with Rory Gallagher's music though, and I wonder how many people saw them, saw Rory Gallagher as the artist, and bought them.

Is he at all related to Rory? Or is he just using the name to sell his albums by hitching a ride on Rory's coattails?
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Re: Dark Side of the Sun, Eclipse

Postby capo » 05 Sep 2013, 18:59

His name is Marlo Hoogstraten from the Netherlands. He is a Techno, Trance DJ type. I'm surprised Donal has not taken some legal action in regards to this because although it appears he has a mix song called Rory Gallagher, it is listed on several music sites as being from 'our' Rory which has left many people preplexed and confused. This souless, cold drone "music" is as far from Rory's artistry as can be imagined. Peace.
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