Rory Gallagher Story BBC Radio 2

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Rory Gallagher Story BBC Radio 2

Postby vasdis » 11 Jan 2013, 17:35

Just listened to The Rory Gallagher Story from BBC Radio 2 from a few years ago ,had it on cassette until it broke, but my brother in law managed to save it
to cd.Narrated by the late great Gary Moore ,there are comments from Brian May, Johnny Marr , Ronnie Drew, Martin Carty and Donal ,Gerry and Rod obviously
I'm afraid when it finished it played out with A Million Miles Away and there were tears in my eyes(And why not ?)Did not realise just how ill Rory was at the end
or how much of a recluse he had become(according to Donal anyway) I regard this recording as priceless so i have made an extra copy (just in case !)
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