The Rory Gallagher Story.BBC Radio 2.

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The Rory Gallagher Story.BBC Radio 2.

Postby vasdis » 01 Oct 2012, 15:50

Just listening to this now,originally had it on a C90 cassette ,which unfortunately predictably broke, i was a little heart broken as i had treasured this show
hosted by the late great Gary Moore,for some years.Fortunately my brother in law(another big Rory fan ) had managed to transfer it to CDR,which is a bit more
resilient,must make another copy ,just in case .Always find the end where they fade out with A Million Miles Away just a little bit touching because it really
does sum Rory up .Does anybody remember this being on BBC Radio 2,i just cant remember exactly when . For a little bit touching amend to VERY touching.
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Re: The Rory Gallagher Story.BBC Radio 2.

Postby Bubbabob » 16 Jan 2013, 06:50

Any chance of a copy? Sure would appreciate it!
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