TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

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TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby Jay Jay » 16 Feb 2012, 10:46

Shadowplays: How close are you to reissuing the Taste material?

Daniel Gallagher: I’ve been chasing Universal (Polydor) to try and re-ignite the interest in a comprehensive Taste release with the albums re-mastered + bonus material. As I’m sure you’re bored of hearing I am trying everything to get the Isle Of Wight film made, Murray Lerner and I have come up with a concept for how we’d like to present it and have got very close to a workable fee for the DVD to be made. It’s only being held up by confirmation from a label that they want to finance and release it.

Shadowplays: That sounds very encouraging! For many of us, Taste at the Isle of Wight is the Holy Grail of Rory video and we’ve been clamoring for it for years. Murray has done numerous individual “Isle of Wight” documentaries including: Hendrix, Tull, and The Who, and most recently the Moody Blues and Leonard Cohen. How’s the quality of the Rory stuff? How much footage does he have? (I hear 7 tracks)

Rory Gallagher, Isle of Wight 1970
Daniel Gallagher: From what I’ve seen the Taste footage is great, Murray made an edit in 1995 so I’m sure the footage can be further enhanced since then as well. I don’t think he has the full hour and half set that Taste played on film but the edit I’ve seen has 7 tracks (you have good sources) but I’m hoping we can find more footage as he has a lot of tapes to go through.
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby Sinner Girl » 16 Feb 2012, 12:56

These are fantastic news, and very encouraging :D
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby innuendo » 16 Feb 2012, 13:20

great news!
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby JimLED » 16 Feb 2012, 15:54

Fantastic news!

Thank you guys!
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby bald eagle » 18 Feb 2012, 16:50

i cant wait to see Taste I.O.W Dvd, ever since Message of Love I.O.W dvd came out and had 2 Taste songs on it have i wanted to see more. Thankyou for posting this information about it. Does anyone know if there is a complete audio tape recording of Taste I.O.W set, be it an audience recording or otherwise.
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby tonetanner » 19 Feb 2012, 08:21

Does this mean I can stop sending money to NickSkelson now?
what do you think of that?
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby Johno123 » 12 Jun 2012, 07:31

Is there any update to this? They have released On the boards but we are still missing Taste and the Isle of Wight DVD. I'm really keen to get these!!!
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby Johno123 » 23 Aug 2013, 09:01

There has been no updates on the IOW DVD since February last year, I'm starting to think it will never come out :( I really hope it has nothing to do with greed!
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby no_noise_reduction » 25 Aug 2013, 11:10

Of course there are cases where albums or e.g. films have been canceled because at the some point artists or labels have decided not to release them at all. Take the Rolling Stones' Cocksucker Blues movie as an example. But the Taste IOW DVD is a different case because apparently everybody involved really wants to get it out. It might be the longest delayed release I can think of. It's been postponed again and again for ten or more years.

This said, I truly believe it will be released one day. Also from Lerner's point of view it has to be dead capital in it's current state, so any side must have an interest to get it out. As for how long we will have to wait I have no idea. Apparently Donal Gallagher has handed the project on to Daniel which means to the 'next generation'. Really, I still have the feeling we wont have to wait another ten years but then I can see myself writing the same thing on here in 2023 again.
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Re: TASTE Studio & Live @ IOW ~ What's Going On?

Postby RobertaSparrow » 26 Aug 2013, 08:53

I believe it will be released, and the people who want it to happen are doing their best. Lets just be optimistic and hope we get to see it sooner than later. ;)
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