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Re: RORY GALLAGHER ~ Remastered Editions

PostPosted: 03 Feb 2013, 17:32
by innuendo
smudge wrote:Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I'm brand new to the forum this week...

Just bought the 2012 remasters (which, for a variety of reasons, will replace the 1999 series in my collection) and was curious to see that the bonus tracks have disappeared from Deuce (Persuasion) & Calling Card (Rue The Day & Public Enemy (B-Girl)).

Was this done because the same three takes/tracks appear on Notes From SF, i.e. ARE they the same takes?

very good question, i didn't bought any of new remasters yet but i think the bonus tracks that appear on '99 and also on 2012 remasters are the same take, same song. i hope someone can tell us that for sure.