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Re: This Day in Rory History 25 April

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2019, 23:03
by RobertaSparrow
RobertaSparrow wrote:25 April 2019, no new information to report at this time.

RobertaSparrow wrote:25 April,2017, no new info to report.

RobertaSparrow wrote:On this date in Rory history: April 25
Were you there? Have any stories? Any new information?

4/25/1969 London GB The Marquee
4/25/1970 Bromley GB Bromley Tech.w/ Climax Chicago Blues Band
4/25/1973 Phoenix USA Civic Plaza Deep Purple/Fleetwood Mac
4/25/1975 Lancaster GB University
4/25/1978 Canterbury GB Kent University
4/25/1982 Hamburg D Congress Centrum

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