Article # 437 has been added to RoryON!!

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Article # 437 has been added to RoryON!!

Postby roryfan » 02 Feb 2014, 18:34

Article # 437 has been added to RoryON!!

After that nasty article posted last time, it's good to come back with a nice article/interview done after the release of Fresh Evidence.
This one come from the 3/22/91 issue of the Chicago Tribune

****Rory Gallagher Roars Back With A Roots-blues Album by Chris Heim*****

A little history, a little on recording vs. live and a little on the change of direction

stay well and RoryON!!
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Re: Article # 437 has been added to RoryON!!

Postby RobertaSparrow » 02 Feb 2014, 20:47

Interesting article indeed!. Fresh Evidence was the last studio album Rory did, not counting any he may have guested on. And in the article he says the last track he recorded for it was Empire State Express (my favorite on that one). In one take on St. Patrick's Day!

Beautiful interpretation!
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