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Article #431 has been added to RoryON!!

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2012, 17:46
by roryfan
Article #431 has been added to RoryON!!

Well, I finally got around to posting another article.

***L.P. Blockbuster (New Spotlight Vol. 4 NR.48 1971)[/color]

This is from a 1971 issue of the Irish publication, New Spotlight. Actually, it's two articles.
The first is a review of the first solo album, Rory Gallagher. A track by track description of the album by Pat Egan

The second is a write up about the band Stud (formed by John Wilson & Richie McCracken after the breakup of Taste). It was written by Shay Healy and was a bit optimistic considering the short life of the band.

have a great week, stay well and RoryON!!
john ganjamie