Rory featured in American Blues News

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Rory featured in American Blues News

Postby roryfan » 11 Jun 2011, 12:35

Check this out!
American Blues News has Rory featured in several articles in a section called
Rory Gallagher A Celebration of Life

just scroll down about a third of the page for the articles
Good stuff!!
john g
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Re: Rory featured in American Blues News

Postby Jay Jay » 11 Jun 2011, 13:09

Thanks John, nice article and write up from Americian Blues News :D
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Jay Jay
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Re: Rory featured in American Blues News

Postby GRace » 11 Jun 2011, 14:16

Thank you very much indeed, John!
Good article!

And yes, I would agree with the author of article about the fact that Billy Boyd could play Rory. At least he's "in the subject", I suppose. He's a great, talented actor (I love his work in The Lord of the Rings and Master and Commander), besides he is familiar with the guitar and excellent singer (although he has high pitched voice). Anyway - he could be considered for the role of Rory!

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Re: Rory featured in American Blues News

Postby innuendo » 11 Jun 2011, 14:24

thank you for the link john.
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