Article #427 has been added to RoryON!!

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Article #427 has been added to RoryON!!

Postby roryfan » 20 Mar 2011, 18:30

Article #427 has been added to RoryON!!

This article/interview was done for the 3/1973 issue of the German magazine, Popfoto as Rory prepared for his show at The Philipshalle in Düsseldorf with new band mates, Rod De'ath and Lou Martin.

~~~~The Rory Gallagher Story by Brigitte 'Bibi' Lehmann~~~

Bibi was a journalist & photographer for the magazine for a number of years, then went on to work in band management and public relations for record labels before leaving the industry.

Some history and answers to some interesting questions. There are links for to German and English versions of a great Rory slide show created by Bibi done with A Million Miles Away as the soundtrack.

many thanks to Bibi for sharing and translating thus article! This article can also be seen on Milo's page including scans of the original German Popfoto article.

have a great week & RoryON!!
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Re: Article #427 has been added to RoryON!!

Postby Sinner Girl » 20 Mar 2011, 18:41

@roryfan Great article thnx for shering :D :D :D, and blog :D :D
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