Books of Rory Gallagher

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Re: Books of Rory Gallagher

Postby RobertaSparrow » 05 Jul 2013, 02:47

Inanna wrote:thank god i know him so well that i hardly need a book to know him.
Don't know who he was......never saw him, met him & even talked to him......
But still he is growing out of me......completely out of me & I can't stop it just can't stop !
He exists in my life, totally exists !

I'll never tire of hearing more about him. Of the few books that exist about Rory, the Muise book is excellent. Marcis Connaughton's book is good also- not a lot of new info, but I like the respectful and affectionate tone of the text. Like everyone else on the forum, I'm waiting anxiously for Donal to publish a book on Rory. Poor Donal, the pressure we must be piling on him! He knew Rory better than anyone though, so it's worth the wait.
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Re: Books of Rory Gallagher

Postby The Cuckoo » 27 Jul 2013, 21:15

All the books are in some ways incorrect so let's wait for a biograpy written by Donal. :)
At the time I have now enough to do with my new Rory Gallagher acoustic songbook. The chords there are
much easier to play as in other songbooks. Good for me :) :) :)
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